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My Dumb Question –Center Channel speaker placement.

This is my first post, maybe a dumb one at that.

I have a center channel in my head unit (Panasonic). I was thinking of wiring four- 3.5 MB quart 109 speakers is parallel-series, with anywhere between 20-40 watts to each speaker in mono at a very low volume. Now, the hard part is placing these speakers the Suburban 4x4. I don’t have too many choices with the way the interior is in this big SUV. GM packed everything into this truck tight, except a decent audio system.

I was thinking of putting two speakers on either side of the center column, then, add 2 more speakers on the left and right B pillar, just behind the drivers and passengers’ seats, and about 4” below ear level. The reason behind this is because all the speakers are near the floor in this SUV. It’s seems near impossible to bring a center image channel up to a normal level, even with circle-surround built into the head unit. So I figured why not put two more in the b-pillar. Would this sound ok? Or should I use the B-pillar from something else?

MB 216 components front doors
MB Co-axels rear door
8” Memphis sub in rear.
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