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My vehicle, an 06 dodge ram 2500 cummins mega cab, came stock with a 7 speaker infinity system. it has provisions for 3.5ish speakers left, center, and right in the dash as well as the door location for a midbass. What would you guys do with this. if I wanted to run a center channel, how would i implement it?

It seems that I would need 10 channels of amplification (for L, C, and R tweet, L, C, and R, mid, and Land R midbass and subs)as well as plenty of processing (what would you even use for 10 channels?) is there a simpler way to implement this?

ive seen discussion of using coaxials as well as just midranges without tweeters. would either of these options get results?

What about using passive 4 inch component sets and 8 inch midbasses in the doors?

are the dash locations firing into the windshield even a good location?

Should I just stick with the PG RSDs in the doors and not worry about it?
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