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I am trying to find a 5 or 6 channel amplifier to power my system.

What I have

2 way active component set

PPI Dual 4 ohm 12" Subwoofer

I have a 3 way in line crossover if the amplifier does not do bandpass

The amplifiers I will only choose from because of local availability and price.

Soundstream RUB5.800
Hifonics Zeus ZXi60.4 + 1K
Precision Power PPI PC740.5

I am leaning towards the Hifonics or PPI, but I figured to add the other two to get more opinions, as I have never seen them in action.

All opinions appreciated!

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For PPI Power Class, there are two reviews available.

The first review is from PASMAG. They review the 4-channel version:

PASMAG | PERFORMANCE AUTO AND SOUND - Precision Power PC640.4 Amplifier

The second review is from a Russian web site avtozvuk. I find this review more useful because they post their measurements. The URL is

Google's translator does a very good job of translating this into English. This review was part of a series of reviews of 5 to 6 channel amplifiers. This PPI amplifier got the most points, but was closely followed by Alpine, Audison, and Soundstream.

Overall, it seems like a great amplifier. I don't know about the Soundstream amp above, but from SQ and quality perspective, this PPI amplifier should be hands down better than the Hifonics amplifier. The quality control of maxxsonics amplifiers reportedly is not that great. The only interesting thing about Hifonics amp is the more powerful, and probably more efficient subwoofer section..
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