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So I have an opportunity to buy a set of these two tweeters and don't know what to choose. ScanSpeak is usually highly acclaimed and has good reviews while information on Brax 1.1 tweeters is very scarce.

I am going to use the tweeter in 2-way plus sub setup, crossed over actively by Alpine PXE-h650 at about 2.5KHz. Now, I usually listen to electronic music, hard rock, some jazz and classics. I like it loud. I have several questions:
- will Brax 1.1 sound good in a two way set up? Will it be able to play from 2.5khz? This is about the maximum what mid woofers can handle.
- Brax is only 25 watt RMS while Alpine (SS) is 150 watt RMS. Should I be worried that I can ruin Braxes at high volumes?
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