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Hi all, my name is Aidan, I have a 2014 Honda Civic in White Orchid Pearl that I am looking to do some audio upgrades in. So I have a pretty extensive collection of CDs and a collection of audio tapes that is only growing. I can play CDs in the car without trouble but was looking for a way to play the tapes. I found an OEM cassette deck that uses the same interface as my radio (Honda calls it GA-NET, it is a form of IEBus), but when I test-wired it into the radio, the radio did not seem to recognize it and I had no control over it.

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The radio turned on automatically when a tape was loaded, and the tape stopped when the radio was turned off, so there was some communication, just not the communication that I was looking for. I guess it would be possible to reprogram the unit to understand the deck signals, but I don't even know where I'd start. So I've been looking for an aftermarket nav/audio system that will allow me to use either a built-in tape deck or the one I ordered, and retain communication with the modules already in the car (Sirius, Bluetooth, etc.). I have been debating getting an older Honda nav system as an easy solution, I'm not totally married to this one.

I am willing to go Raspberry Pi if I have to- not sure if OpenAuto Pro would support everything I need, however.

Glad to be part of this community!
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