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This is my first attemp at an active setup. I have some questions but first; some info:

This is going in an F350 4 door.
Dyna matted floor and back wall so far, doors and roof later.
HU: Clarion DXZ955MC
Amp: Massive Audio NX5 (got it from DAT on here, sweet deal)
Subs: (2) RF HX2 10" dual 4ohm
Front Comps: Memphis M-Class

I also have a decent set of coaxials I could throw in the back...

My questions are regarding setting up the HU. I used this thing for a few years in another truck and loved it although I just used in in a normal four speaker set up. It does have some nice features that I would like to put to good use. It has a P.EQ, crossover, time alignment, sp. gains, etc.

In order to use those features, I first have to choose a "speaker setup".
In the manual, Clarion describes "3WAY" as high-2ch, mid-2ch & sub channel. I assume by doing this, I would be ditching the Memphis passives and putting, the front 2 ch of the NX5 on the tweets, the rear 2 ch on the Mids, and the sub ch. obviously to the subs.

Sounds pretty straight forward...

Would the tweets and mids in the front alone be enough in this big ol rig? ...what if I want to add the rear speakers to the mix?How would I run the rears and still be active with this HU? Could I just run them on the speaker level outputs from the HU? Would that be counterproductive to what I'm trying to achieve by going active?

Sorry with the questions, but this Active idea is still a little foreign to me. Anyone have any experience with this HU?

Any help or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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It's a 2-way + sub or 4 corners + sub. One or the other. Your cab is just a hair bigger then mine, crew cab vs ext cab, and I run 2 way + sub active and my kids that sit in the rear hear the front just fine. Our cabs are quite small so IMO that's a plus.

I run,
HU: Eclipse AVN6620
Sound Proc:Audio Control DQS, PG BassCube
Tweeters: Clarion SSS601's
Mids: Silver Flute 6 1/2"
Sub: 2x TREO SSi12.22
Amp: Audison LRx5.1k

Truck: 2000 GMC Sierra ext cab.
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