This is a very gently used clarion NX 706. It was originally meant to go into my e39 M5 and wound up on my test bench for the better part of 3 years while my M5 stays hibernating in my garage.

It made it in my M5 for about 2 weeks while I was building the stereo and wound up never leaving the garage. Was hooked up from optical to an alpine pxa-h800 and whatever various amps I had on my bench at the time. It has maybe 40 hours of play on it.

HDMI was never hooked up No other connections aside from Bluetooth mic, optical, power, acc, and ground have ever been hooked up.


I actually have two of these units and can’t justify holding onto both so one has to go. I don’t know where the original box or manual is, so what you see is what you get. Anything extra I find I will include. Such as the manual or box if I find them.

Not sure where exactly to price this at so $500 OBO. Local pickup in Columbus Ohio, or shipping anywhere in the CONus ONLY.

I accept cash, PayPal, zelle, venmo, or cashapp. Shipping will be provided with a tracking number within 24 hours.