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Hi all,

not sure if this belongs here but will try anyways.

i recently bought an 09 vow golf GTD and i want to install some of my old fosgate or alpine amps and a sub, i went to the local shop and he said that class A/B amps will cause issues with my Ecu and electriCal system and tried to sell me an audio control amp.
ive never installed anything into a newer car, the latest model was a 91 Opel calibra.
I’m not looking to win any dB comps, so the system wont be cranked, just want something better than what’s standard!
im thinking of either my RF4.6x (30x4) or my Alpine 3554 or 3555, will run my fronts (alpine DLXF176) and my Bass200 10” in a small sealed enclosure.

so there is not a huge amount of gear or power, and like i said, it wont ever be cranked, so will i have any issues??

cheers, Krem
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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