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Finleyville said:

I am searching for 7 ch. of amplification (100x4, 200x2, 300x1) in two amps only since I have a small hatchback. My space is at a premium. So far the only amps that I have found that are not over 2 feet long with this kind of power is the Xetec line.

However, someone in another thread here mentioned the Lanzar Opti line. It is my understanding that they are a class T amp. Has anyone used or heard any class T amps and were satisified? I would have no problem powering a sub with them but how do these sound on the front stage? All comments are welcome! :)
I was very curious about the Lanzar Opti -D series amps for a while, too. I placed a few calls to Lanzar (Sounds Around) tech support for some info about how they work, what chipset they use, etc. I never was able to get a satisfactory answer, but just going by the power ratings I don't think they're Tripath (i.e. "Class T") chips. Between my inability to get hard information from Sounds Around (I guess they're used to dealing with Pyramid customers...) and my realization that I needed a more flexible onboard crossover, I ended up passing on the Lanzar in favor of a (mostly) more conventional JL slash-series amp. (JL makes nice conventional amps that are relatively compact for their output; Raul's suggestion of the Jello e-series is IMO a good one.)

As for Tripath (or other Class-D) amps sounding good, there's a mini-craze in home audio circles around various digital amps, partly from tubeophiles looking for a face-saving way into modern equipment after having idiotically denigrated solid state for so long and partly from people like me who prefer efficient and elegant solutions over the alternative. As far as sonic penalty, as long as you don't use them stupidly there is none. Here's an interesting bit of propaganda on TI's digital amp chips. I'm quite disappointed that as of yet there are no tiny car amps using the TI PurePath chips, because IMO they've completely turned the price-performance-size equation on its head in home audio.
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