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Hello everyone. First off I want to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am a newbie in the car audio world. I own a Ford F-250 and the only accessories on it are; the factory navigation system and an auto page alarm set-up.

The reason I am here is because someone jumped into my house last night and tried to open my truck. There were fingerprints all over the door and one of my mom's plant pots was wrecked (conveniently; right below my brick fence :worried:) It's obvious that someone was probing my car in order to get in it and there is probably cause that they will be back again. The funny thing about all this though is that my neighbors are the ones doing it lol.

Well long story short my truck's auto page didn't warn me. So now I think it's time for an upgrade. I had a Clifford matrix 70.5 in my navigator before but the install shop did such a crappy install that the alarm turned out to be a nightmare.

So now I am here to see what alarm is best. I'm considering the:
MATRIX 20.7X or a G5 unit. On top of that I want some proximity sensors to warn me when the assholes are close and I also want to hookup some train horns to the system so if they try and open the door I can hear it and die with honor protecting my truck!!!!! Feel free to recommend other brands or sensors after all that's why I'm posting here :).

I've talked to a few guys and only one of them even mentioned train horns. I forgot his name, but I'm also here hoping to see if anyone here knows of a very knowledgeable installer that values quality over quantity installs. (I'm in the Los Angeles area.) Well thank you all and sorry for the poor grammar, I'm a bit pissed :).
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