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I have been trying to track down a clipping issue on my install. I chalked it up to the crappy phase linear/Jensen touch screen that came with the vehicle (will be upgrading it eventually). I picked up a new sub and it was popping whenever I attempted to get any volume out of it. My 15 wasn't doing it so I figured it was the new 12. I returned it and got an exchange. New sub isn't popping but the other day I was listening to it pretty loud and my voice coils started to smell. I originally set my gains using the jbl cd on the jbl gto amp at 38 of 40 on volume knob. Tech support told me to set gains at 28-30 on deck. If I do that I can basically turn my amp gains all the way up and not get a green led on the amp, and hardly any volume. I was thinking about it today, my suburban just sits. I'm building it and doing my install. (I have a company vehicle for daily use). If it sits for a couple days it will barely start. The battery is very weak. I will be replacing it As well. I always listen with the car started, but if the battery is holding very little charge maybe that is the cause of my clipping issue? Maybe the voltage drop is to excessive? Any thoughts?
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