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Closed Cell Foam

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I installing closed cell foam on the floorboards on the car with a layer of audimute on top of that. This will be ontop of Damp pro and was wondering if I should glue the foam to the damp pro or just have it laying on top?

I do plan on glueing the audimute to the foam.

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Yes, it is a good barrier. I am using something similar called Audimute. It's going to be effective on top of a foam layer. You don't really want to glue it directly to the deadener for the best results. When properly applied, it can lower your sound dramatically. You can see how I used it towards the end of this thread: Invasion of the door panel snatchers!!!

I found this quote for you from another thread. Not quite sure if it answers your question though. Sounds like a material worth looking into-thanks!
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