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I want to expand my dynaudio surround system with athmos height speakers. Coaxial is supposed to work fine as athmos height speakers.
I understand the tone of the new height speakers should match the existing dynaudio speakers.
As far as I know dynaudio never made any coax drivers -and I don't want to spend a lot on height speakers.
So I have a list of possible options:

Morel ultra tempo integra 6.5"
Focal Flax evo PC 165 FE
MarkAudio Alpair 10P

The Focal Flax seems very popular and cost about as much as the morels.
But I really prefer textile tweeters. Many metallic tweeters sound harsh in my ears.
I believe the morels soft dome tweeters would match the dynaudio silk domes better...
I can't find t/s parameters for the morels. So creating optimal sealed enclosure for them would be difficult. But I guess any large box would be fine?

MarkAudio Alpair 10P are cheap fullrangers and their off axis response seems very nice -So they should work well as athmos height speakers. But they are only rated to 30W. My Amp is 120W...

So I'm leaning towards the morels. But no t/s parameters and possibly quality issues worry me.

Maybe I'm missing other affordable coax drivers with soft dome tweeters?

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I'm in EU. So tax makes CDT audio expensive
CDT Audio makes them. How they compare, I can't say...
I'm in EU. So tax makes CDT audio expensive.
Audiofrog GS62
GS62 seems overkill for an atmos height speaker -and way above my budget.
I don't need my Atmos overhead speakers to be full range. Reference level from 140Hz-15KHz should be fine.
Tonal timbre matching my dynaudio and wide dispersion is what I need...

Found morel hydro 6.5" coax on sale for 200€
Except for the paper cone the hydro driver looks very similar to my dynaudio drivers. I do like the "paper woofer sound"
So will probably purchase 2 pairs for atmos height front and back.
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