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comparing 2 different mids

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i need some opinions here. i have been offered 2 different mids for my set up. and a super bargin at that so i want to try one of them but not sure which is a better mid driver. the first is the image dynamics cx6 in a 4 or 2 ohm either one, the second is the cdt 07 7" driver. i can get a killer deal on either of these (with the cdt's adding about 75$ to the tag of the image's) and eventually will be doing something different so either of these will work for now but which one to choose?????

i have a few different tweeters i could pair up with them and they will be run actively so i can play with x-over points pretty easy. what are the thoughts here on the image driver??? i didnt see very much feedback on it here. thank you for any help in deciding.

ive read on other forums the image's some say to be very lacking in midbass but very strong in the upper midrange??

the cdt's are very slightly used and the image's are brand new not sure if this should matter.
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no one heard these or have any opinions?? i blew up a mid and need new ones for my setup, i may go to horns or ribbons soon though so i may keep either of these if they work out great but either way need something now.
if you're going wiht horns get the CX62's. 2ohm mids to keep up with the crazy loudness of the horns.
not sure yet those will come later. i have regular tweets now i am highly considering ribbons actually
I haven't had a good experience with the cx62's. I had some build quality problems with several pairs, and you can search over at sounddomain or elitecaraudio and find more of the same.

I'd say go with the CDT's. They're more detailed to my ear, have better top end extension without any breakup like the cx's...and they're pretty much the same efficiency as the ID's, and you'll get more bass output out of them.
VERY nice to hear your opinion npdang i have been reading and do really appreciate your opinion on this. i would love a set of those mids you are working on, i may change them out later!!!!

you tested the id's correct except for the build issues how did they fair in that test??? thank you again. also any other 4ohm drivers better than the cdt?? you know then all i dont thanks
i expected more from my 62,s when i purchased them years ago,afterwords i purchased the 38.00ea peerless auto 6.5,s and was more impressed by them
wow that seems to be the general thoughts on these drivers. i never would have expected that from image ive been a previous dealer a while back for them and known then since almost day one and everyone is telling me to basically stay away from the mids. i am shocked!! when we were a dealer i sent back a few sets myself now that i think about it but they were like the first ones that image released so we expected some issues for a brand new driver but i cant believe after all this time with them they are still like this...

the cdt's are still pretty pricey for just a pair of mids but someone i know bought a set and totaled thier car so they will sell em to me pretty cheap right about 200$ they were in for like a week.

okay so for the same 200$$ is there an absolute better 4ohm driver i can get for the money??? thank you on here for so much help.
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