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Comparison of subwoofers for 2013 camaro

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Hey guys, I've got a 2013 camaro and I also have a memphis mojo 12, however the box is too large and I would need a custom box built, my question is which sub would be better for response/loudness between the memphis mojo 12 or the jl audio stealthbox with 3 10 inch subs
I would also like suggestions for good amplifiers for either one as well. I had a sundown audio sfb3000-d but due to a factory issue it fried itself. Would prefer not to go with sundown again. Thanks!
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I have had pretty good luck with subthump. I have bought an amp rack and corner sub box for a 4th gen camaro, and a T-harness for my current 6th gen. They use pretty thick MDF and their stuff is well built. I think the guy who runs the site even had a 5th gen convertible himself, so he might might be able to give you some specifics on how that box fits.

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