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Hi there,

So I have been researching about sound deadening and when I first started out looking into it, I was misinformed about what sound deadening and thought that a CLD solution would be enough to have no vibrations and also keep out road noise etc. I was wrong.

Now when looking around, I really miss a complete guide for what you need to a complete sound deadening solution from start to finish. I found Sound Deadener Showdown, which is an excellent site that provides a complete guide, but I also want to know what kind of material is best budget wise as well.

So far I have come to that these materials is what you would need for a reasonable, cost efficient and quick setup:

CLD - Kno Knoise Kolossus Edition (per foot) 3,62USD at 70sqf

MVL W/CCF - SSP Foam Mat 1/8 thick by 48 wide with/PSA (per foot) 11,22USD

CCF (for the top MLV layer)
SSP Foam Mat 1/8 thick by 48 wide with/PSA (per foot) 6,95USD

3M Thinsulate Acoustic (per square feet) 0,8USD

Any inputs, anyone? :)
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