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righto - ive pretty much sold everything i had in my car and so far heres what i have left

1) alpine 9887 headunit
2) dynaudio esotec system 242

now ive managed to get myself a JL audio 10w3v3 - so lets say that ive pretty much got the speakers covered as well as the headunit - and also the cabling and install

now im deciding on an amp - so here are my choices

get an amp which gives me 75 x 4 plus 200 x 2 and run that fully active using th ecrossover on the headunit so i have the speakers configured like this

32 watts to the tweeter
75 watts to the mids
600 watts (bridged) to the sub

alternatively i could use the same amp in three channel mode and use the passive crossovers and have

220 watts for the component passive set
600 watts (bridged) to the sub

alternatively i could get three amplifiers which are rated at 200 watts per channel from the same brand so i could run the system like so

100 watts to the tweeters
200 watts to the mids
600 watts (bridged) to the sub

the disadvantage of the multiple amplifier setup is going to be excessive draw from the battery and alternator - whilst the single amp setup will obviously be kinder to the vehicles electrical system - so any thoughts on which option i should take

another factor to bear in mind is that the single amp will cost me around $500 (equivalent to my currency) whilst the multiple amp setup will cost me around $700 - but the additional cost isnt a huge factor to my mind if it performs better for the money

so whats the thoughts here
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