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Connection that also charges iPhone 3G ?

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I currently use my OEM head unit in my MINI together with what's called a DICE interface (focused on BMW/Mini OEM units). It can connect into the port of the CD changer and that way not only play thorugh the HU but also being controlled from the HU as well as react to Steering wheel controls.
The interface gives me the choice to hand over the control fully to the HU, including showing artist, song titles, playlists in the HU display (the iPhone/iPod display and controls are disabled) or by retaining the control on the iPhone/iPod which still allows me to forward/reverse through the current album/playlist on the HU.

Ok, here is the issue.
Apple changed recently (I think with the appearance of the iPhone 3G and the iPods around that time) the way they charge their devices.
For my DICE that meant that my 5th Gen iPod got charged while the iPhone didn't.
DICE came out with a new wire to retrofit my unit (is standard on all new ones) and now it works for all my iPods.

It seems that all HU manufacturers I looked at have this issue as well.
At least, I couldn't find any whose interface can

a) charge the iPhone 3G


b) leave the controls on the iPhone/iPod (why displaying it on a 2 line display if you have a touch controlled interface)

Sorry for the long intro.

Does anyone know of a HU that covers both criteria ?

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Not sure about being able to control on both the iPod and the HU, at least I don't know of any HU that doesn't lock this out for the iPod.

On the iPhone there are a few options. The Pioneer Avic-F90BT works the way you want AFAIK. I know it doesn't lock out the iPhone and it charges it. Not positive if you can change songs on the iPhone and have the newly selected song play on the HU. I do know if I start Pandora or Simplify it plays through the HU.

If you have an older non USB HU you can get an adapter that will allow charging on the iPhone and newer iPods. It is about $30 and all it does is change charging from firewire pins and converts to proper voltage, etc for the USB pins to charge the new units
I know the Pioneer units will charge the 3G iphone and also have the option of doing the passenger controls.
I would recommend going into shop and try it out before you buy a deck just to make sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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