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I noticed recently that my system in the Mazda had started to really sound weird. Tonality was way off, like the right side tweeter was MIA. But, sometimes it would come back and sound ok for a few minutes….then go back to sounding way off. This strange tonal behavior was accompanied by distortion, stereo shifts from left-to-right and back, and drastically reduced volume.

I thought I had a dead tweeter, then I thought maybe one of my amps was failing, then I thought it might be my ancient DSP finally taking a dump.

Thankfully, I also noticed some of these changes listening with headphones, both wired and BT. (maybe it’s my BRAIN!)

No, it was my phone. My Samsung Galaxy S9 on T-mobile.

All (yes, all) of my listening these days is through my phone. In the car, I connect via a JL Audio BT receiver into my DSP and go from there.

Googling led me to many others that had the same sound quality issues crop up in their Samsung S9 (and S9+) phones after a recent OS update to Android 9.0. Some discovered that the phone does some kind of DSP on the audio, even with all settings set to “off” or flat. My current software build number is: PPR1.180610.011.G960USQS7CSJ6

BUT, this same smart guy figured out that simply adjusting the built-in EQ, the audio returned totally to normal. By reducing the EQ slider for every band by just one click, the sound quality is fully restored.

No idea why, but it definitely works.

Hopefully all of this will help others with Android phones that are experiencing sudden sound quality problems.
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