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HA funny you should ask.. i just built the same thing a bout a week ago. I got a 12 volt thermostatically controlled fan switch for 12.00 took about two weeks to get to my house. here is the description, copy and paste it into google and you will find the vendor. it works exactly as it says it does and I have ot connected to 4 3" cooling fans for my amp is in celsuis temperatures only but conversions are easy. I set mine to 30 degrees which is about 86 fahrenheit so when my amps get that hot the fans come on automatically. I have them connected to a relay and the fans only come on when the amps are on.

XH-W1209 DC 12V Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Thermometer Controller With Digital LED Display With Case

this is the amp rack I built and there are four fans, two pushing, two pulling, same identical fans...38 CFM per fan with a sound rating of 28db per fan...but given this amp rack sits in the

spare tire well behind my rear seat in my carpeted trunk I don't hear them at all. The temp controlled fan switch is seen at the top left corner of the photo the little clear plexiglass case

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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