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I'm pretty new around the forum, and I'm much more experienced as a home speaker designer/builder than I am a 12v car installs are good, but basic, limited-funds stuff. However, since I have been checking out DIYMA, I've got the bug to go from "sounds great" to "WTF?? Wow!!"

Right now I have a CDT comp set w/6.5" in lower door panels, 1" silk tweets in upper doors, OEM 4" HK mids in rear sides, and my own custom double-compound-isobaric sub using 8" drivers in trunk.
My stage-2 plan was to go with an MS-8 with mid (+tweeter?) pods in the front corners of the dash, angled toward the dome light (maybe even go with an extra center pod later, if desired). Are pods considered to be less desirable than an A-pillar install? To me the pods' firing angle seems more logical, but then again (for now) I'm stuck in non-DSP land; I have no experience with how the DSP would "correct" the A-pillars firing at each other.

All my thinking is based on traditional analog placement, if that makes a difference. In the past, I have done an A-pillar install for an additional set of tweets (aka CDT), but never for the entire upper stage.
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