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Couple of questions regarding Active and A/T

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I just picked up some hertz hsk 165XL and this is my first time running active, after I ran the A/T the headunit is lowering the level of the mids and the tweeters, here is how it set it.

Low LPF 80 12db Level 0
Mid HPF 125 12db Level -15
Mid LPF 8k 12db Level -15
High HPF 8k 12db Level -23

Why do you guys think its lowering it so much, and what do you think of those settings, should I adjust anything?

Pioneer DEH80PRS
Hertz HSK165XL
Sony XM-2200GTX
Sony XS-L122P5
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The PRS is attenuating based on respective sensitivities.

Sub is the least efficient of the bunch. Hence the unity(0db) gain setting.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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