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I used to be in car audio years ago, and I'm a bit out of the loop now.

Here's what I've got.

I have a 2002 Taurus with the stock HU and the Mach audio speakers (which I know nothing about). I'm assuming they have some sort of amp hooked up to them somewhere. I'd like to replace the door speaker, and obviously the HU.

I was at a garage sale today with a couple friends and this guy had some audio stuff. Surprisingly, he had all kinds of good stuff. I ended up getting a PPI PC450 and a PPI PC2300.2 for $180 for both!! Needless to say I was pretty excited. This is when I decided that I need to get back into this hobby.

But now I don't know what direction to take it. Do I run 2 subs off the pc450 and the high end off the pc2300? Or 1 sub off 2300 and high end off the 450? There's too many options and my head is about to explode.

The front stage would be step one. I'm not sure what would fit in the stock location. I don't want to do kick panels, and I'd rather not use a component system and add holes to my door for a tweet. I am all for a dedicated midbass if I can find a clean way of doing it. Would a nice coaxial set be fine? And possibly keep the Mach tweet to raise the stage a little bit? I like a little bit of rear fill, so I plan to keep those speakers there and fade them out slightly.

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated, ie, front stage and subs. I'm not made of money, so anything that you suggest shouldn't be ridiculously priced. I'm a lot more for SQ than SPL, although I have nothing wrong with getting loud from time to time. I mainly listen to all type of rock and punkish music, not rap at all really.. Bone thugs occasionally, but thats about it.

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