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Hey guys, I'm really happy with my audio setup. I'm not an audiophile by any means but I wanted something loud enough to hear over my exhaust :D While my current setup has a good amount of midbass I couldn't pass up the Kicker Comp and free box deal that was on slick deals the other day. Yes I know you get what you pay for but I just wanted a little bit more low end than my components could provide. For me.. it should do fine ;)

Anyway on to my question. In my Grand Cherokee I'm currently running:

Alpine IDA-X303
Vibe Litebox 4 (90w RMS x 4 channel)
Alpine Type S 6.5" Components in front
Alpine Type S 6.5" Coax in the rear doors
DB Link 4 Gauge Amp Install Kit (Best I could find for the money, great reviews)

I'll be adding:

Kicker - Comp 10" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer
Bazooka BA1300 350w max
Fierce Audio 10" Sealed Sub Box

Now before the bashing begins a buddy gave me the amp, it's brand new. And I have $45 in the sub and box. If I can add some low end for that I'll be happy, I'll always have room to expand in the future.

Ok, so for the questions. I bought the amp from Sonicelectronix and in the description they recommend using 4 gauge for the amp. However the instruction manual states to use 8 gauge. I used 4 since I ordered the install kit in accordance to what SE had stated. Based on the amps specs will 8 gauge be enough? I would like to just add a distribution block to go from the 4 to two 8's. When I did the install I already ran the rca's in case I ever wanted to add a sub.

My second question is this.. The box.. it was free.. that's all I can say. I've never seen a box that requires zip ties to keep it together :laugh: I had to actually assemble it. I did use wood glue on all of the edges. Is there really any reason why I can't just use some wood screws to hold it together vs keeping the ugly zip ties on it. I figure they just did it like that in case most people are not able to add screws.

Thanks for any help!
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