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There are thousands of organizations in the world that are trying to find answers to the COVID-19 issue that has affected the entire world. None of us had imagined that this could actually happen and that it could be so traumatic for people all around the world. In the last 5 months, different countries in the world have been affected by this virus and the condition is getting miserable day by day. But the strength, hard work and honesty with which the health workers are striving to deal with the problem and saving lives is commendable. If you are a doctor, a social or a health worker and want to understand the COVID-19 protocol (protocole covid 19) that is laid by leading organizations in the world and in your country, you can refer to Covidorg. It is a platform that brings to you all the sources of information at one place so that you are aware of the conditions, guidelines and developments that are done by leading organizations, laboratories, universities and several other authorized councils.

Covidorg is comprised of volunteering health professionals who come from different fields of healthcare and have actively participated in the fight against covid-19 pandemic. They collect database from all leading covid 19 organisation to get you updates about coronavirus at one place so that it becomes easy for you to search for authentic and trusted data. The platform offers you a directory of web links to organizations that can offer facilities, and repositories of clinical pathways to make you aware of the truth about covid-19. These lists of web links include Medical Learning Hub, European Respiratory Society, World Health Organization, Indian Council Medical Research, Government of India IGOT, World Medical Association and several others.

Covidorg directory helps you find covid 19 documents based on different themes, topics, countries, languages and more. There are scientific articles, good practices to follow, guide to take prevention, protocol laid by government organization and many other interesting and informational blogs are published and are available for you to read. To access information from Covidorg, you don’t have to register; it can be used and accessed if you are above 14 years of age. You can also contribute to the page if you come across an interesting piece that should be read by the people. In these hard times, ir is crucial that we stay informed, and Covidorg is the platform that can help us.

For more information, visit Covid-19 Resources for Healthcare Professionals |
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