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Product Brand & Model:

I've decided to try and sell my Zapco DC setup since my job provides me with a company truck (driven my car THREE times since March) and usually has me working most weekends (can't compete in MECA). I'm not giving up on the car because all the work I put into it, but I also want something a bit simpler/cheaper. Because of the second part, I'm not dying to sell this and only looking to move it if it goes as a complete package.

So, I suppose you're asking what's included and how good is the deal?

Zapco DC650.6
Zapco DC650.6
Zapco DC1000.4
Zapco DRC-SL
(2) 20' (I think) cables
(3) 3' (I think) cables
(2) y-adapters
(1) 3' modified cable (cable has been modified to l-r rear fill)
(3) symbilink to rca adapters (I may have more and will send them if so)

Condition of all items:

All items are used

Total Price: :

I'm asking $1500 shipped for everything. I looked here and: most amps go for $500-600 shipped, DRC is $150-200, and cables are $15-30. I'm basically selling all the amps for the typical low-end asking price and throwing everything else in for free.

EDIT: I also posted my Denford/Denon setup for sale. I will sell the entire package from both threads for $2300.

I will consider trades and that is listed under Additional Info.

Shipping Terms: :

Included for CONUS

Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling.

Amps sitting in my trunk as of yesterday evening:

Modified l-r cable:

Additional info:

I will not split this combo up unless I have buyers for everything. If you are interested in certain pieces, DO NOT put it here, but send me a PM and I'll start making a list. If everything is spoken for, I'll contact each party and let them know.

I do still want to keep my stereo, so I obviously need amps and a way to control them. I'm interested in either an MS-8 or P99 for processing (nothing else so please don't ask) and amps (I'm looking for something in a small form factor). The only speakers I will consider are 3" ones or any OS 4" or 5.25" JBL GTi speakers (the ones with carbon fiber cones). No other speakers and I don't need subs at all.

Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with any questions.


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4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

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