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Okay, so I have a Kicker 1000w Rms DVC subwoofer, and a FLI 900s 4 Channel Amplifier.
I am wiring my subwoofer with all 4 channels in bridged mode (Channels 1+2 to voice coil 1, and Channels 3+4 to voice coil 2). This gives me a decent 225w Rms x 2 (450 Rms) from the amp.
I just saw another exact model of the FLI 900s on eBay, and was wondering, if I wired it like I already am, along with my current amp, would it be ok, and also give me a total of 900w Rms safely?
I was thinking of doing this since it'd be cheaper than getting a monoblock, if this works.
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