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I own a 1999 BMW e36 convertible and am restoring the head unit to a stock unit, replacing the stock amp, and all speakers. The speaker configuration is as follows:

Rear: 1 inch tweets with 4inch mids
Front: 1 inch tweets with 2.5 mids and 5.25 "woofers"

I've purchased the DLS reference series to replace the 4inch and 5.25inchers, and a separate 2.5inch component from bavarian soundwerks. The DLS components each come with two way crossovers.

I also bought an Alpine MRP-F300 4 channel amp.

A few questions:
1) What would be an efficient crossover solution from making the front soundstage work? I understand I need a three way crossover, so I'm not sure what to do with the two way passives I have. I'd like to avoid sinking another couple hundred bucks into an active crossover system if possible. What options to do I have to make the 2.5" and 5.25" work well together?

2) Since I am using a stock head unit (CD43 model) do you think I should use a line out converter, sound processor (AudioControl LC-6?) or the native high level inputs in the amp?

If I had to trade off between an active three way crossover and the sound processor, which would be more important? I've kind of reached my budget max on this, and want to call it a day. I don't plan on putting a sub in at any point.

Thank you very much for your advice.
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