Only hooked up to test so basically still new. Beautiful and powerful amp but I’m losing interest in car audio so I’m starting the process of liquidating my collection. Will be posting other stuff up as I have time.

4 Channel Full Range Digital Circuit &
Stable into 2 Ohm Stereo Load
CH5 is Digital Monoblock Circuit &
Stable into 1 Ohm Load
Dual MOS-FET PWM Power Supply
Stable into 2 Ohm Mono Load
12 dB/oct, Variable Low Pass Filter
+ 12 dB/oct Variable High Pass Filter
12dB/oct, Variable Subsonic Filter
Band Pass Capable for CH3 & CH4
Clipping Indicators for All Channels
C7 Amplifiers Operating Voltage Range:9V - 16V
0 Awg Power & Ground Terminal
4 Way Protection Circuit
(Thermal, Voltage, Speaker short and DC)
Subwoofer Level Controller Included

Rated Power Output (@ 14.4V)
RMS Power, 4 Ohm Bridged 360W x 2CH for CH1 - CH4
RMS Power, 1 0hm Mono 1,500W x 1 CH for CH5
RMS Power, 2 Ohm Stereo 180W x 4CH + 1000W x 1CH
RMS Power, 4 Ohm Stereo 125W x 4CH +600W x 1CH

High Pass Frequency Crossover 20Hz~ 5KHz for CH1 - CH4
Low Pass Frequency Crossover 50Hz~ 5KHz for CH3 & CH4 / 35Hz~250Hz for CH5 Subsonic Frequency Crossover 10Hz ~ 50Hz
Frequency Response 10Hz~ 25KHz ( +/- 1dB ) for CH1 - CH4 & 10Hz~250Hz ( +/- 1dB) for CH5
Input Sensitivity 0.2V ~ 6V (+/-5%)
Signal/Noise Ratio 90dB
T.H.D @ 4 Ohm <0.1%
Efficiency @ 4 Ohm 85%
Recommended Fuse Rating 200A (External Type Fuse)
Operating Voltage 9V ~ 16V
Dimensions 9.29(W) x 2.48(H) 18.90 (L) Inches

$575 Shipping and fees included to the continental US.