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Hi guys,

I've never tried an active front stage before so bare with me. I'll put my equipment details at the bottom of this post.

1. Basically will my amp's crossovers be steep enough to properly crossover a 6" woofer/tweeter setup?

2. More importantly will they be of a decent quality such that they will sound much better than a quality passive crossover component setup (~US$300 level)?

Going active will force me to purchase another amp to run my sub seperately, and of course is going to take a lot of effort to get right, so I'm wondering whether it will be worth it using the gear I have to work with. (considering being a novice at tuning)

The amp is an Alpine MRV-F540 with 50wrms x 4 (rated at 12V).
Each channel pair has a variable and switchable HP and LP filter.

the high-pass can be set to either:
- 15Hz-400Hz at 12db/octave.
- 300Hz-8kHz at 12db/octave (using a x20 frequency multiplier switch).

the low-pass can be set to either:
- 30Hz-400Hz at 12db/octave
- 600Hz-8kHz at 12db/octave (using a x20 frequency multiplier switch).

My headunit is a Clarion DXZ935, which has inbuilt:
- high-pass filter at 50/80/120Hz at 12dB/octave for front and rear channels.
- low-pass filter at 50/80/120Hz at 18db/octave for subwoofer channel.
- Parametric EQ with 3 bands for each front/rear pair. (ie 3 for tweeter and 3 for woofer)
- Time alignment for each individual channel.

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When buying another sub amp consider that you should get one where the Unused HPF side of the LPF is passed on to an RCA out, this will leave the mid with a bandpass. This way you have some more variance than just the 3 choises of the headunit.
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