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Custom 3hp 15"

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1. Product:
Custom 3hp 15"

2. Specs:
d2 coils
3 soft spider 8layer coil with a winding height of 75mm
qca 12spoke basket

3. Description/Condition:
newish? fresh recone only seen power from being free aired. suspension is stiff as **** right now needs to be broken in.
the dustcap is being sent to me via usps. it will use a deep dish cap that will cover the whole cone.

4. Price: :

i will also have another coil and qca ring if you are interested in a pair. i have another motor also but as a complete 10" ti. but i can pull the top assy off of it if you wish

5. Pictures:

I can throw this dustcap on if you would like
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this thing gets loud off little power, has a decent amount of excursion and can work in a smallish box
I hope you get them sold dude.

Good luck!
yeah same. i just want one gone right now. im starting to rat pack equipment i really dont have the space to do it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts