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A while back I purchased the Stage 1 Speaker upgrade for my e46 sedan (99 328i) from the good guys at Bavarian Soundwerks. I have enjoyed the system so far, and recently added a sub to compliment the new system.

However, there are several issues that have led me to start this build.

The BSW speakers are very good, but I am not fond of the speaker locations, both front door and rear door. The sound stage, for me, is just not good. Way too much from the rear door mids even with the fader brought forward. I sit a little further back, and my left ear is exposed to that speaker less than a foot from my ear. It just doesnt work.

The midbass performance is lacking and is the only shortcoming of the BSW Stage 1 kit, IMO. So this will be addressed as well.

Also, the sub just isnt cuttin it in the trunk that is sealed even more than a factory job as I had to replace all the factory sound deadening as a result of a blocked sunroof drain that caused leak into the trunk and rear seat area. Its boomy, and needs to be controlled a little better.

The plan:

The car is a daily driver, and I take the kids to school every morning, so it'll have to be done in stages so that I can maintain the use of the rear seat, etc.

Relocate the rear mid to the rear parcel shelf, further away and potential firing in a nonconventional way so as to control rear fill. Elimination is a possibility, as the pics below will show that I have already removed them. If this sounds ok, I may leave it.

Relocate the front mid and tweet to the kick panel with custom kicks. OR relocate the mid further up closer to the tweet, as the left door mid is completely blocked by the arm rest - Man, did BMW do a great job at locating the vocals in this car, or what! It'll be easier to just relocate the mid, but I think the best sound will come from both the mid and tweet down low.

Leave the midbass in the same spot both front and rear, but rebuild their the way they are mounted (move from door card/rear parcel panel to door panel/rear parcel shelf) for a more solid installation. Also, plan to open up the front doors so that the rear of the midbass can fire into the inner door. This is going to take some work, as I have had leaks in this area already, and opening up a hole just presents more of a problem.

Finally, relocate the sub from rear firing to firing through the ski pass with a custom 1.5 cu ft box. There has been a book written about the pros and cons of how to install a sub in the trunk, which way to fire, etc. Personally, nothing compares to firing the sub straight into the cabin. Its just night and day for the difference for me. I will add a bass boost control as well, as the difference between listening to the iPod, whcih takes away bass, and then listening to the radio, that adds bass makes setting up the sub for one setting only impossible.

I dont plan to add any amps at this time (other than the one on the sub) as money is real tight - whats new!

Maybe BSW and Halston will have the Stage 2 amp ready to go about the time I get done with this thing.

The rear door mid sits in the little pocket just above the door stop. Too closer to my head

The BSW 2.5" mid. the glass on the right will be used as a custom housing for this speaker to be then mounted in the rear parcel shelf.

Cut out a small plug from some 1/2" close cell foam to seal off the hole.

Possible placement for the mid once installed in the wine bottle.

sub and amp. Needs to be firing into the cabin!
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