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First, off I am very impressed by the level of sophistication on DIYMA. I used to read the old ECA, and this is certainly at or above that caliber to the car audio enthusiast.

Want to upgrade the sound in truck - '08 Toyota Tundra Crewmax - originally just a base system - no nav. It was first plastered with 160 sq. ft.of second skin damp pro and 90 sq. ft. of elemental designs edead 4 teklite throughout. Later added 24 sqft of Cascades VB-3 to the floor to help lower the noise floor a little.

H/U - Alpine W505 connected to MRA-F350 / MRD-M500.
Speakers - old school MB Q series 6.5" comps - stock locations door/dash, old school MB PKC110 - 4" coaxial comp - center, and MB PCE-216 6.5" coaxial comp - rear (all are setup with crossovers at factory settings)
Sub - JL 13tw5 in custom, internally braced 1/2" birch box

In the past few months, I bought the Alpine W910 h/u, an MRA-D550, PDX-5 and PDX-4.100. I've got about $2000 more I can spend before the gf gets mad.

1) Should I buy the PXA-H800 and mate it to the W910? I would also add a second JL 13TW5 sub if I bought this unit.


2) Should I upgrade all of the old school MB Quart speakers? I have a friend who can get me a great deal on a set of Morel speakers to replace all of the main speakers (keeping JL sub) - [like the Elate 9, 2 way] in factory locations, Morel 4" coax - center and 6.5" coax - rear fill. This assumes that I use the MRA-D550 (birth sheet shows 75w x5)

What would get me the most bang for the buck? I don't think I can wrong either way, but just want some informed opinions before blowing my last bit of cash.

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