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I am going to be installing a new 140amp alternator in the suburban.... it currently has one battery, but is setup for two with some kind of isolator.... looks like a big heatsink.

anyway, here are the questions

1. any problems using a deep cycle battery in a car...... I used one years ago and had alt problems, but not sure they were related.

2. does it have any impact on your audio system?

3. where would you hook up your audio system, the main battery or the second?

4. any issues using the second battery for audio since it is on the isolator? will it still get the 14.4 with car running? and get plenty of amps from the alternator?

thanks for any help

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dedicated audio battery. The purpose of the deep cycle is to allow for car off playing time and still start the car. so the best system is to CUT OFF the deep cycle when the car is off and charge it with the car on. The front battery's ONLY purpose at this point is to crank the car.

Otherwise there is no point, the second battery may as well be a starting battery.

You can install an RV battery in the car and not worry about it's impact. If there is an impact, there was another problem to begin with. Maybe the car was on the edge but still good, but in itself, adding the deep cycle isolated is not a problem.

I recommend hooking up the isolator to the fuel pump relay. This lets you use ACC2 without connecting the front and rear batteries.

Everything runs at 14.4 with the car on no problem. Everything charges no problem.

If you are worried about a sonic impact to the audio system, just install a cap too ;)

Some other notes, an RV relay is really noisy. Even an installation in the trunk or wrapped in polyfill/cloth/foam still will be heard. I've not tried a solid state relay yet so do not know about long term use yet.Even worse, installed outside so you don't hear it but everyone else gets to. Would frighten small children around your car!
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