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whats up yall. i was an eac regular but they locked me out at work and you all seem to be sq oriented and this is were i may need some advice.

i currently have all i thought i would need for my install.still waiting for the deadener but the list is as follows

hu-alpine 9813 (installed already)

frt stg- aura mr62's 6.5" mid 1" silk tweet
amp- punch200ix

subs-(2) 10" 0z matrix elite's
amp-audio art 100hc

deadener-125ft2 raammat
car-2000 toyota solara

i have no experience w/ diy components but from what i read it is the way to go if you have the knowledge. i dont have the knowledge but am willing to swap the auras for a good midbass/tweet combo.suggestions? i will have a really well sealed and solid door to work with and can fit 7" i am pretty sure..tweets up to 1" in stock location.

i would like to do a two way up front, however if i run the alpine 3 way and run tweets of the hu i can hipass them and banpass the mids through the 200ix and lowpass the subs through the 100hc. right? is 22watts enough for tweets?

any comments welcome

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I'd stick with a simple 2-way in stock locations. You can do very well with tuning with the 9813 and an active setup.

A Seas L18/G18/CA18 rnx/p should work well as a mid/bass, along with the LPG 25nfa tweeter and cost you under $200.

22 watts is more than enough power for a tweeter if you did want to go with a 3 way though.
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