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alright i'm hoping someone can help me out a little bit...

i bought a chrysler CHYX adapter to add auxiliary input to the RAQ radio in my durango so i could hook up my ipod... got that hooked up yesterday but it doesn't work right because when I switch to SAT mode, it stays on channel 184 and says **NO SIGNAL**. but when i try to switch channels, audio starts playing from the ipod but it automatically switches back to 184 and says no signal again, then switches itself to CD mode and starts playing cds.

that was the first part of my problems.. now after playing with the radio a little to test the thing, a cd has become jammed in the stereo. its a RAQ so its a 6-disc changer, and it looks like its jammed pretty good. the gears make noise and you can tell its tryin to do somethin, but no cd is visible at all; i already took off the bezel and tried to see if i could get in there with tiny pliers and yank a cd out... but i can't.

i was hoping someone here could give me some tips on how to get a cd out of the player.. can it be disassembled?
or does anyone have any experience with the CHYX adapter and why it won't stay in satellite mode for the ipod?

any help at all is greatly appreciated
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