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I got some Infinity 60.5cs components and I hooked up the crossovers and the mids to my amp, left the tweeters out, ran it that way for a couple days with stock tweeters running of the HU. Then I installed the Infinity tweeters.

Then I read on that you should NOT run passive crossovers with only one output hooked up, because the disconnected channel will act as a direct short! :oops:

My amp (Eclipse EA3422) seems to run fine, although warmer than before (I turned the gain up at the same time so I figure it's because of that).
My crossovers do not seem to be fine, because it sounds like they're basically sending the full range to all drivers. If I disconnect a tweeter, I can hear highs coming from the mid. I don't know how low the tweeters are supposed to play and it's hard to tell, but it sounds like they're reproducing strict midrange. Maybe it's just a crappy crossover, idunno.
The speakers sound brighter, less even and more annoying than they did in the store.

I would look inside the crossovers for damage but that requires taking out the driver seat, kind of a PITA.

Think I damaged anything?

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