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Difference in output?

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I Know SUV's are open cabin but they're also big. Economy cars typically have a trunk, but they're also tiny.


Would a sub have the same amount of output in a big SUV as it would in a tiny Economy car?
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Typically SUV's will be louder because they're a 'hatch'. Any time you have to fire through metal and thick seats you lose output (i.e. subs in a trunk).
The small car should be louder.

Typically too, you'll even want a different enclosure in a larger vehicle because of the transfer function differences between the two vehicles.
Thanks for the input gentlemen!
I used to have 2 inefficient small box Soundstream SPL 10 powered off 300 watts in a 93 RX7 and it was loud enough to rattle my teeth, blur my vision. Small cabin for the win! :D
Transfer function and frequency of tuning if ported will determine how well the sub couples with the vehicle ;)
Small vehicle is easier to pressurize.
Thank you for the further input good sirs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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