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its been a while. might need to see if i can even dig up the notes on the first gen pro. Off the top of my head i know that theres the obvious output voltage differences, the different internals (better dac, etc on mk2). Pretty sure the mk2 can take higher voltages on the inputs. Other than that, i cant remember.

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Would love it if you can dig the specs up and/or summarize the diffs.

But also would be good to know if the the mk1 can take up to 8 volts on the input (max output from my DRZ9255)

This is what I know found about the mk1 on the interwebz

• Cutting-edge, extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) at 64 bit resolution
• Digital to Audio Converter (DAC) by Asahi Kasei –
• 96 kHz Sampling Rate – full audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz
• 30-band equalizer per output channel using Parametric, Graphic or Shelf filters
• Channel levels increment in 0.25db steps including Equalizer functions
• Time-alignment adjustments in 3.5mm or 0.01ms steps
• Phase alignment adjustments in 11.25 steps
• Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz and Custom Q crossover filters at 6 – 42 dB (1st – 7th Order) slopes.
• 5-band equalizer per input channel.
• Remote Control (Director) input and USB port for management and configuration
• HELIX Extension Card (HEC) slot for additional input / output modules
• “Ground lift” switch to avoid ground loops causing unnecessary noise in the system
• Power Save Mode conserves electricity and protect against battery drain.  
• Switched Power Supply
• Automatic Signal Detection – automatically switches to the input source that is currently sending an

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The biggest differences are that MK2 adds:

2 more volts of output 6 to 8
Asahi Kasei 32 Bit D/A replaces Analog Devices
2dB improvement is SN ratio on analog input
draws less current (very minor, but different)
ADEP circuit to keep factory amplifiers active without the need for resistors and the issues associated with them
no switch for optical/coax input (with a Director you can switch between)

That's about it off the top of my head.
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