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Hi guys, I have an older set of Sony SS-C600-AV tower speakers, that up until yesterday functioned perfectly. My kid wreaked both surrouds on the speakers.

These are 3 way towers, with 2 12's in each, the lower one on each tower is a passive radiator with a tweeter and midrange as well

What I would like to do is build new cabniets, with passive radiators, upgrade the tweet, and midrange, while keeping the factory 3 way x-over. I can't seem to find any specs for these towers through google, and sony is no help at all.

Can anyone suggest new drivers for these that would work well with the current x-overs???

thanks, Mark

EDIT: I have found replacement speakers that look idetical, and are sony replacements...

12" PAPER CONE 8 Ohm
Size: 12-3/4"Square
Hole cut out: 11"
Power: 150W
Response: 40-4500 Hz
Magnet: 30 oz.
Sensitivity: 92 dB

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It'd help to have a schematic of the crossover.

It's just pretty complex "upgrading" any speaker, since a crossover is such a critical component of the sound quality. Most of the time using the correct drivers will sound better than using higher quality drivers that werent' designed for that enclosure/xover.
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