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Diyma 12 in a PR box?

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Was playing with the first Diyma 12 and was thinking about putting it in a PR box. Anyone ever use one that way or have a opionion? Looking gain a little efficiency/db and try something different.
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Have also tried running the DIYMAs in bass box pro. Get very strange results!!

"1.25 cft, with 2 12" high excursion pr's from TC Sounds works for me"
Yeah been pm'ing back and forth with him. Going with 1cft with 15" passive per 12. tuned in the low 20s. With about 400w per sub.
How did it turn out? a 27 litre box BR has a silly port size/length so was thinking the same thing...
LOL... I am looking at picking up 2 15" PR's from DIYCable and try my TC3000 in a PR enclosure.

How you been OrangeLSS?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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