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Hi all, new to this forum!

I am planning an install in my Nissan 350Z. I have had a thread over at and have got some great recommendations. Things are getting a little technical now so I thought I'd check out a forum with more car-audio related traffic. I have already read a LOT of threads on here in planning my setup to this point.

Proposed setup is:
Head unit – Pioneer MVH-8300BT (already bought and installed)
Front speakers: DLS UP36i (to buy immediately)
Rear speakers: deleted
Sub: Fi Audio Q10, high QTS, small sealed box (to buy after front speaker install)
Front Amp: Apline PDX-F4 (to buy immediately)
Sub Amp: Apline PDX-M6 (to buy after front speaker install)

You can probably tell that sound quality is my aim here…

I was ready to by a set of DLS UP36i 3-way's. I wanted to install the woofers in door pods and the mids and tweets in the pillars. The set would be powered by an Alpine PDX-F4 amp. However while discussing shipping (to New Zealand) I was informed that the UP36i’s are out of stock. The seller offered me a UP6i 2-way set and a UP2.5 midrange set for a similar price, claiming it was a better setup.

Now as far as I know the speakers are all the same and what I was really doing was paying a slight premium to trade a 3 way crossover for a 2 way... but I can live with that. I was looking to bi-amp off the Alpine PDX-F4 anyway.

My concern is the woofer/mid crossover point. I am worried it will be too low and not steep enough.

An Alpine PDX-F4 amp can high and low pass at 400Hz with a slope of 12db/octave. With the above setup I would also have a DLS passive crossover at 5000Hz.

The frequency range on the DLS 2.5" is 400Hz - 8000Hz with a 500Hz recommended crossover and a 18-24db/octave slope. Is a high-pass from the amp to the mid (via passive crossover) at 400Hz with a slope of 12db/octive going to give that speaker too much low-end? Should I ask for a DLS 3" mid which has a lower (250Hz) frequency range but is still rated to 8kHz at the top end. If this crossover point will not work, what are my other options?

Some information I have uncovered so far:
• I did find out that by reinforcing the rear chamber of the 2.5's, they will handle the lower frequencies better.
• The 3’s will probably look retarded in my pillars and will end up in the doors above the woofers

My concern here is that I have very little headroom with that midrange crossover point, if I find out it is too low then I will have to buy an active crossover, wait weeks for it to be shipped and then stuff around installing it. I’d prefer to cover my bases first time, even if it doesn’t sound right immediately, I at least want the flexibility to adjust things.

I hope I have all my technical details here right, I’ve been learning a lot as I go. Also if there are any particularly relevant threads I should look at then please point me in the right direction.

Your recommendations would be much appreciated!

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