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In your case, I'd say go DIY. When you think about it from that respect (out of the box performance with minimal tuning) there is really no disadvantage to DIY. You still have to shop around for good speakers, and really all the manufacturer is selling you ARE raw drivers and a very simple passive that isn't tuned to your car or installation.

The advantage of retail is really that you can walk into a store, get some experience with the drivers, and you get a warranty. However, the advice and support you get here is probably better Imho than anything you can get in a store, although a warranty, retail packaging, and someone you can talk to in person is important to some people.

$475 in the world of DIY buys you alot more speaker than what DLS offers. Do a search here and you will find many popular, and Imho better alternatives. The power you have is also more than sufficient.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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