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Npdang brings up a good point about warranty, and it is a good thing sometimes in some situations. The thing is, I can't remember the last time I had a quality component fail... I may just really have good luck but usually the things that I buy last long enough for me to get sick of them and sell them.

When you spend good money for a quality component, the chance of getting one with a manufacturing defect drops drastically, especially in the DIY area where you are getting way more than what you pay for. The $100 a set Seas CA18 mids that I got rival the build quality of ANY mid that I've owned, regardless of price. If they were sold my a major brand label they would cost around $250-300 a set IMO. I can absolutely guarantee you that if these ever blow on me, it was due to my own negligence. There simply arent many weak points in the design.

Also, just to give you a little confidence, I am running 37.5W(Zapco Studio 150) to each mid, and 25W(Zapco Studio 50) to each of my LPG tweets, and my system sings. It's more than plenty of power for them; they get louder than I care to play them.

Now the LPG/Seas combo is a great bang for the buck set that is used by many people including me, but I will be the first to say you should look around. There are MANY different DIY drivers that people are having good luck using here on this site and elsewhere, I just wen't with the popular one because it is "safe". Not that DLS is a bad choice, I have no personal experience but I really haven't ever heard anything but positive remarks about them. I just think this DIY thing is kind of fun, and I enjoy the discovery experience of using a driver fairly unknown to the mobile audio scene and seeing how it performs, whether it be good or bad.
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