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Are the power ratings you asked about in your original post for 4 ohm or 8 ohm drivers?

I think what would sound best for you is to buy a head unit with a nice active crossover built in. I believe you suggested that you will have two amplifiers so that would work beautifully.

Everyone has been talking about Seas and let me tell you they are not kidding about these speakers. I have been using my P9 to switch between a 3-way and 2-way system Sometimes I listen to my Hiqs, W12, and L18 and other times I turn off the W12 and listen to just the L18. The L18 is much more in your face but you will hear less of the subtle pieces of music and the depth not as good. What a great driver though and I haven't done any tuning for it. I actually prefer my 2-way over the 3-way CDT Eurosports I used to own.

The CDTs and my 2-ways are completely different setups but I think you will be most happy with an active 2-way install with any of the Seas drivers or even the Daytons. Spend some time properly installing the mid and tweets and I don't think the DLS speakers will come close to DIY.
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