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I got the LC7i because i was originally going to do my build with the JL Audio VX800/8i. Crutchfield had it on back order so I've been waiting. When the expected ship date came they moved the next expected delivery date to December and I no longer want to wait for stock to come in, so have decided to go with the Helix. the VX800/8i doesn't have high level inputs so I got the LC7i to tap into the factory head unit speaker outputs as I am keeping my factory HU for the built in functionality, but the Helix has high level inputs.

Do I need the LC7i for the Helix anyway, and if not is there benefit to having it installed? Thank you for any insight and assistance.

(I am pretty much brand new at this. I've been reading like crazy to get up to speed ASAP)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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