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Wanker or not?

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So many cars out there with ironing board spoilers. And really loud exhausts. Wanker or not? 馃槃

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Thurrr be some gold to hit this topic...troll away! I just bumped Google until I found a suitable applicant


Props to @jtrosky though...that is hilarious mate :ROFLMAO: maybe the dudes girl was like 'my god I need somewhere to eat and his car is filled with ricer wank...wait...this thing will do'

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I was pretty miffed when I found out the STI doesn't fly because what I thought was a wing was in fact just wing shaped spoiler.
The classic example is the spoiler on the Audi.
They added that lip to increase the pressure over the boot to parent the tail from lifting at high speed.

I have an black CF ironing board on the back of the sports car, which is a bit of a PITA .. but it looks cool. And it is too noisy for a radio.

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