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I'm trying to choose a DSP to integrate with my OEM headunit. (I've been encouraged to look at new headunits, but I live in a city and park my car on the street, so an aftermarket headunit is a quick and easy way to get my car broken into.) I will also be getting an aftermarket amp and speakers along with a sub. I listen to the radio sometimes, but the ast majority of listening is done from my iphone (my OEM headunit has an AUX IN).

Here is the dilemma. The JBL MS-8 and the Audiocontrol DLQ-8 both offer a lot of great features and also have very high sensitivity and low THD+N. However the only DSP that I'm aware of that offers digital connectivity with an iphone is Sony's new XDP-MU1000. The latter only has 4 channels plus sub, so I'd cross over my front components passively (I'll have coaxials in the real), it doesn't support EQ as far as I know, and it's sensitivity is 80 dB. (THD+N is rated at 1%, but that is through the speaker level outs rather than the pre-outs that I'd be using, so I'm guessing the THD+N that I'd experience would be lower.)

Considering that with any DSP other than the Sony I'd have to connect my iphone using its analog headphone connector, whereas with the Sony I'd have a digital connection to the DSP, which route would give me superior sound quality? (I believe that the DLQ-8 at least has an an AUX IN so I can bypass the head unit, not sure about the MS-8.) Should I be concerned about the Sony's low sensitivity?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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