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Dual Parallel Power Wire

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Hi, i'm just wondering my upgrade path to add more amps. Currently i have a single 4 gauge from battery to distribution block then to two 8 gauge amps. Now my brother gave me his power hungry amp which requires 4 gauge power wire. Can i just add another 4 gauge power wire from battery to the same distribution block ?
If can, does my grounding need to be 2x of 4 gauge wire too ?
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You can run it to the distribution block or just straight to the amp. Remember to fuse the wire not the load.
also yes add 2x ground wires.
this is a good point. Make sure your grounds match your power.
The inline fuse near the battery is to protect the wire if it were to short to ground, so you should fuse the appropriate amount for the wire. The recommended capacity for 4 gauge is about 125 amps so you can fuse each 4 gauge wire anywhere between the intended load (amp current rating) and the max current (125 amps).

The fuses at the amp protects the amps. If an amp does not have a fuse built in you install an additional fuse near the amp.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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