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Originally posted in review and comparison, but think the exposure here will be higher,

I am interesting of changing my HU to Eclipse 7200mkII.
My current setup is including:
6 channels Amps
Mono for the Sub.
Morel Elate 3 way, limited edition.
Morel Ultimo 10''.
All activeted by Audison Bit1.
HU- 2Din Alpine media reciever (404 model).

I have a good aportunity of buing Eclipse 2nd hand, mint condition.
As far as SQ is concern, how worth will be changing the HU?
Will it be real upgrade?
I would appreciate a response from who's familiar with the Eclipse combined with Bit1.
Regards, Tamir.

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Since you have the BitOne, I'd suggest you go with a pure transport such as:
McIntosh MX4000, MX5000
Eclipse ECD-xxx
Rockford RFX-8240, RFX-8250
Denon DCT-xxx
Pioneer P9 (just the HU)

The processing from the CD7200mkII won't be needed anyway... I believe your BitOne can accept digital input, why not go with a HU that can send a digital signal?


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With the bit1 in place you can take your pick from the following:

Car Selector

You would get Aux in, a pair of full range preouts for the bit1. You select any other requirements on the menu at the left.

If I'm not mistaken, Kirk won multiple championships running a stock hu as a source. If I could indulge myself (which I can't), would I replace the p-88 with a McIntosh or a Denon? Maybe.....probably:). Do I need to do it for better sound? No.
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